Lightning your Skin was Never this Simple

Lightning your Skin was Never this Simple

Everybody dreams for a rosy and fair skin. However, even if you are born with a fair complexion, it is bound to get darker over a period of time, thanks to the Sun. If you are exposed to the Sun for a prolonged period of time, in that case, your skin can get darker significantly and at the same time, it would be susceptible to wrinkles and fine line. However, there is good news for you! You can lighten the complexion of your skin with the help of certain treatments. So, if you are wondering how to lighten skin, then the following section of this article can prove to be very helpful for you



A Couple of Simple Steps to Lighten your Skin


Here are a couple of easy steps that you can try on your own. These methods have proven to be quite useful and what makes them even more special is the fact that they are devoid of any kinds of side effects

  • Mix honey with alum powder and use this mixture as a mask. Then apply this mask on your face gently and allow it to settle down. After 15 minutes, wash it off with fresh water. You can easily get hold of the alum crystals from any drug or health store. Before mixing them with the honey, make sure to pound the crystals hard and turn them into powder. Alum is very helpful when it comes to lightening the skin and since honey contains bleaching properties it is very effective when it comes to improving the color of the dermis. Make sure to continue using this treatment every night. You will get the desired results over a period of time.
  • Both lemon juice and papaya have excellent whitening properties. You must get hold of a ripe papaya and get the extract out of it. You can also take a cup of lemon juice and mix the Papaya after smashing it. You need to apply this mixture on your skin. You must make sure that you have applied the mixture properly so that the whitening agents are being absorbed by your skin. Allow the mixture to settle down for an hour and then wash it off gently.
  • Vitamin C is very effective when it comes to whitening the skin. Therefore, drinking Vitamin C supplements can help a great deal. Vitamin C can prevent the production of melanin at an excessive rate in the body. Vitamin C is also very helpful when it comes to protecting your skin from the Sun.


You can also find Vitamin C in plenty in different vegetables and fruits. Drink fruit juice as it contains a huge quantity of Vitamin C

  • You can also try whitening moisturizer which contains Phytessence Wakame, Extrapone Nutgrass, and Manuka Honey


Extrapone Nutgrass is a plant whose root extracts are very useful when it comes to preventing the production of melanin.

So, if you are wondering how to lighten skin, these are a couple of easy steps which are inexpensive and at the same time quite effective.